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Considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Portugal, with unique fauna and flora in Europe, where you can see, in addition to natural beauty, the human mark, such as the fort of Santa Maria, erected in 1670, the Franciscan Convent of Arrábida founded in 1542, Roman ruins, among others.

Mountains in harmony with the sea where we can find the most beautiful beaches in the country.


It is a truly unique city, with a singular contrast between the mountains, the countryside and the river.

The city is located just 40km from the center of Lisbon and has an organized network of road, rail and sea-river transportation.

Lisbon International Airport is just 40 minutes away.

A city with the tranquility that its river gives you, unique and welcoming people.

Rio Sado

Estuary of a thousand discoveries, presenting itself as one of the largest wetlands in Portugal, where more than 50 species of birds nest, of which Flamingos, dolphins, the Sado River has a resident community of bottlenose dolphins composed of about 40 individuals .

It is also in this river that some of the fish species served in the city’s restaurants are fished.


Local gastronomy, rediscover the art of eating well, fresh fish and seafood, sardines and fried cuttlefish, as well as the traditional sweets from Setúbal and Azeitão, not forgetting the wonderful cheeses of Azeitão and not least the taste of regional sweets.

Wine industry

Where white or red Sado wines, passing by rose or sparkling, do not lag behind the famous white or purple muscat wine, with centuries of history, where we can visit historic and more recent wineries with their already known and internationally awarded wines.


Throughout the Setúbal peninsula, we will be able to see examples of the human mark, from Roman ruins, fortresses and convents from the 16th century, churches of Baroque art, the art of Portuguese tiles and the Roman-Gothic style church built in the 13th century.

The city’s museums and recently renovated historic buildings are waiting for you with audio equipment in several languages ​​so you can get to know the wonderful history of our city.